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    Almost Bought this 3d printer until I ran across this one Review

    Well, I was so close to grabbing an XYZ davinci 3d printer until I read that you can NOT use any 3rd party filaments, and that you must purchase filament spools of their brand .

    Anyhow, I found that to be pretty uncool, and my 3d printing skills are now moving on top trying to design and print things with flexible filaments and such. So I had Ninjaflex in my cart with this xyz davinci and glad I went back and read more reviews!

    I do hear its a real good printer for the money, as it was around 600$ I think, and canít remember the exact model off top of my head although I know their other XYZ davinci printers arenít bound to their brand filaments only and do indeed allow 3rd party filaments

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    Well that's not good. Need to be able to use any filament if you want full capability IMO.


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