Hi Folks.

I have just obtained the MP Select Mini printer. I have set up Cura to create the G Code for my own models. Connected the USB cable. Adjusted the settings for the filament and clicked on Print to USB. The 'Printing on Com 3' dialogue box appears, with 'Connect' highligted. Eventually this changes to highlight the 'Print' button, which then becomes greyed out, leaving the 'Cancel Print' button highlighted. Nothing further happens for a long time - an hour or more, but eventually the 'Print' screen appears on the printer, and the pre-set temperatures begin to rise. Eventually, the readout indicates the selected temperature, but nothing further happens. No movement on the head, X, Y or Z axes or anything. I have sat by this thing for two hours now and have nothing to show for it.

Secondly, when loading the model (from an .stl file) into Cura, initially, the View menu shows me several options: Normal, Overhang, Transparent etc. Once I have added the support type and adhesion type to the model, then click on Layers, the model layer view appears. However if I return to Normal view, the model disappears from the screen. This happens with every file that I import into Cura. Any advice on solving this. The Cura help pages are totally useless, just taking one round in circles.

Lastly why is there no File/Close option in Cura. The only way to close a file is to use File/Quit, which closes the program. I do not want to close it, I want to open a new file.....