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I will update this blog shortly with an in depth write up on my user experience with this 3D Printer as well as my Doís and Doníts which will hopefully help some of you avoid issues that I have experienced


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    Biggest Issue I have had thus far is that ABS filament isnít sticking to the bed of my printer. Its in my office about 8 feet from an open window, and come to find out the ABS was shrinking up faster than it was able to lay and stick to the bed of the printer, and yes its cold here in Jersey !

    So Looks like I will be sticking to the pla filament for now since this printer is on my desk at work and I need the window open lol,

    Purchasing pla filament as soon as I get this blog post finished up, and hope this helps some others wh canít figure out WTF is going on with ABS filament lol