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    What is 3D Printing and How does 3d Printing Work

    What Is 3D Printing?

    3D printers create objects using a process known as additive manufacturing. Computer software and mobile or cloud apps are used to model a design for a product ó that is, to create a visual representation of the object in digital form. When this design is sent to the 3D printer, the product is physically created in line with the model by adding layer upon layer upon layer of material until a 3D product is fully formed.

    3D Printers at Tinker Center in New Jersey

    You can see 3D print services in action at Tinker Center, where we have two popular models of 3D printers: the Ultimaker 2 and the Zortrax M200 . You might think a 3D printing service is run with enormous machines, but these are small, yet powerful desktop printers available right at your fingertips.

    3D printing isnít accomplished by printers alone. Youíll also be able to use iPads and desktop computers to produce your unique 3D models for printing. Staff at Tinker Center are on hand to help complete beginners explore the wonder of 3D printing for the very first time, or assist artists, architects, and engineers in personal or professional projects.

    3D Modeling Software for 3D Toys, Art, Robotics, Engineering, and More

    At Tinker Center, you and your children can work with any of the following apps and software:

    Morphi iPad App

    This app is the stepping stone to 3D printing for kids who are younger, but interested in drawing and printing creations. They can let their imaginations run free on the iPad, and weíll print out the final drawing in 3D.

    Tinkerplay App from Autodesk

    This is a mobile and tablet app used to create projects for 3D printing. Itís easy to create models for toys, including robot, human, and animal characters, and choose custom coloring for different parts of the object.

    Tinkercad Cloud App

    Kids and adult beginners alike can use this free app in the cloud without any installation.TinkerCADís intuitive interface makes it easy to use by anyone for any purpose ó you can create simple block pieces one day, and complex architectural models the next.

    Autodesk 123Design Software

    A step up from Tinkerplay and Tinkercad, this free downloadable software for requires some training. You can build any type of complex object, including parts for professional engineering projects, DIY robotics, and innovative product design prototypes for any industry.

    Autodesk 3DS Max Software

    This is professional software for people who use 3D printing regularly. Use it to model, animate, and render unique 3D objects before they get printed physically in 3D.

    Rhino 3D Software for intricate projects

    Another professional software, Rhino 3D is especially popular with jewelry designers looking for precision in printing delicate items. Let your imagination reign free.

    Whatever your interest, skill level or motivation for visiting Tinker Center, we are happy to discuss all of available software in more detail and show you how they work.

    3D Printing Courses

    You can use Tinker Center for more than just printing. We also run a 3D printing summer camp for kids, host birthday parties, provide a great place for playdates, and sell gifts and keepsakes in our store and online. A hive of activity, kids can use Tinker Center to make and build robots or Arduino, design arts and crafts or piece of jewelry, understand basic robotics, and use software for 3D modeling.

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    Great 3d printing information, thx.


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