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    3D Printing a GUN

    So, today watching the news and all this Syria missile strikes from USA and then Russian Destroyer in Route to our Destroyer, I thought to myself if the shit hits the fan I need to be able to protect my family and one gun isnít enough lol. So I thought why not print out a few guns, Then bury them around the yard, put them in the walls and then re-drywall them, whatever it takes lol,

    Anyhow, thats the why, now I am looking for the HOW, which I believe I have found. So Giving this some serious thought, and of course my first few photo types, will be Nerf guns, and yes you can turn a simple nerf gun into a real firing gun, especially with ammunition that has the thicker casings.

    So has anyone printed out a nerf gun lol, or a real gun?

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    I've thought about it. Would probably have to be made out of carbon fiber filament to withstand that kind of stress.

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    Not yet but I'm definitely on the same page!

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