So im looking at either purchasing or building my own larger build volume 3d printer. I would like one for the garage so that I may build on a much larger scale.

Seen the wasp 3d printer, and thought I really liked this one until I come across these below:

The gMax 1.5 XT+ 3D Printer

An extra tall version of the gMax 1.5+, the all-inclusive 16'' x 16'' x 21'' (5,376 cubic inches!) gMax 1.5 XT+ 3D Printer comes fully assembled with a host of accessories and a complimentary full spool of high quality 1.75mm Colorfabb PLA/PHA filament. Every printer is made to order.

not bad for a step up from traditional size desktop build volumes, but im looking to go bigger yet.

The best Large Scale 3D Printers FFF / FDM

And with large scale I mean enormous. Either the x, y or the z should at least reach ~40″ inches / 1000 mm. For the sake of keeping things simple I’ll only include FFF / FDM large scale 3D printers and leave out the contour crafting 3D printers and metal 3D printers. The last requirement is that they have to be commercially available.

The Box

Based in Sweden is BLB Industries. Their massive 3D Printer called ‘The Box’ has a maximum build volume (inch) of x ~59″ y ~43″ z ~59″ or build volume (mm) of x 1500 y 1100 z 1500. This printer can print a whopping 6Kg per hour.

The Box large scale 3D Printer The Box 9.8/10 Specs Get a quote
Additive Machine 1

Cosine Additive is based in the U.S and their large scale 3D printer is called Additive Machine 1. This fully enclosed and heated machine has a big build volume (inch) of x 42″ y 33″ z 33″ or build volume (mm) of x 1066 y 838 z 838 and an open source philosophy.

Cosine Additive Machine 1 Additive Machine 1 9.6/10 Specs Get a quote
BigRep ONE v3

BigRep is based in Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2014.
The BigRep ONE v3 is their latest release and features a build volume (inch) of x ~39.6″ y ~39.6″ z ~39.6″ or build volume (mm) x 1005 y 1005 z 1005.

BigRep ONE v3 large scale 3d printer BigRep ONE v3 9.3/10 Specs Ask quote

Italy-based WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) was launched back in 2012. With its roots in the world of Open-source, WASP manufacturers professional large scale 3D printers with the aim to encourage sustainable development.
Their delta 3D printers are know for their suspended bowden extruders which combine the pros of bowden en direct extruders. The DeltaWASP 3MT is also suitable for CNC milling.

DeltaWASP 3MT 9.1/10 Specs Ask quote
ErectorBot EB 2076 LX

ErectorBot is a US based manufacturer of gigantic open source multi functional bots. Their bots are able to use tools other than extruder heads and can be easily turn into large-sized CNC’s as well. The EB 2076 LX has a build volume (inch) of x 240″ y 84″ z 72″ or a build volume (mm) of x 6096 y ~2134 z ~1829.

erectorbot ErectorBot EB 2076 LX 8.9/10 Specs Check price
Builder Extreme 2000

Dutch manufacturer Builder is known for their large scale 3D printers. They offer fully assembled 3D printers but also the option to order them as a kit because sometimes… they just don’t fit through the front door.
The Builder Extreme 2000 has a maximum build volume (inch) of x ~27,6″ y ~27,6″ z ~71.7″ or build volume (mm) of x 700 y 700 z 1820 and a closed chamber.

Builder Extreme 2000 8.0/10 Specs Check price
Leapfrog XceL

Also based in The Netherlands is Leapfrog 3D printers. They’ve recently launched their XceL, a large scale 3D Printer with a closed chamber, dual extruder and auto bed-leveling.
The XceL has a maximum build volume (inch) of x ~20,1″ y ~19,7″ z ~90,6″ or build volume (mm) of x 510 y 500 z 2300.

Leapfrog Xcel 8.0/10 Specs Get a quote
Moebyus M3

Based in Spain is Moebyus Machines. Their enormous 3D Printer called ‘M3’ has a maximum build volume (inch) of x ~39.4″ y ~39.4″ z ~39.4″ or build volume (mm) of x 1000 y 1000 z 1000.

M3 7.8/10 Specs Check price